I believe that the Lord wants to bring us in a place of acceleration. Where the Lord planned to do something in a year’s time, He wants to make it a success in a month’s time. It is as if the time has become so valuable in this time and season. In the spirit-realm, it is as if there is an acceleration taking place and the Lord wants to manifest that on the earth. Even if you had a date in a dream, or in a word, or in a vision, the Lord is going to accelerate that. 

If you thought that you had 3 months’ time to do something, prepare yourself because within a month’s time everything is going to change. The Lord is saying He wants to accelerate to bring you literally in that gear in the blessings with the Obed-Edom experience when the ark rested in that place. 

2 Samuel 6:11 (NIV)

The ark of the Lord remained in the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite for three months, and the Lord blessed him and his entire household.

  1. Every promise that the Lord has given you, every dream that the Lord has given you, every vision that the Lord has given you, just call it in. Just agree in this moment with what the Lord has given to you. For one reason: the Lord wants to accelerate it. 

The Lord has brought the whole Kingdom in a place: When you change gears in a car, for a split of a second it seems like the car is in neutral. If your car is supposed to drive in 6 months’ time in gear 6 or 7, I am telling you that this is the time that the Lord wants to take your car from gear 1, skip all the other gears, right through to 6th gear or the 7th gear. 

The Lord wants to remind you of the promises that He has given you and maybe you are really troubled, you don’t see it. It is because the Lord has put the gear in a split of a second in neutral just to move it over into that gear. 

Listen! Be prepared. The Lord is going to accelerate.

  • Put Jesus as the center of your life. It doesn’t matter what decisions you need to make, where you want to go, just put Jesus Christ as the center of everything and just follow Him. 
  • If you want the favor of God, stop thinking that you need to do something. It is because of the grace of God that rest upon you, that Jesus died on the cross, the favor of God is resting upon you. It is not for certain people, because they’ve been so good. 

Just come into the rest of God regarding His favor. God is going to bring acceleration into your promises. Nobody will be able to stop it. Nobody will be able to stop what God wants to do and pour out His glory, so that He can be the testimony. Not you, your testimony but God can be the testimony. Because you’ve kept your eyes focused on Jesus. Whatever you’ve trusted the Lord, He suddenly did that, suddenly He opened the door. 

When David realized that the Lord was blessing Obed-Edom and His favor was upon them, He suddenly said, “Let’s bring the ark to Jerusalem.” 

Just tell the Lord, you saw what happened with so many children of God around you and people who received prophetic words and it seem like it didn’t come into fulfillment, it seemed like they were totally off. You’ve decided, “I want the favor, I want the blessing. But according to my ways because You gave me this intellect to work out some things.”

 If you will bring Jesus back into the center, just focus on Him, give your intellect, your plans, your ways, to Jesus, He will unfold everything for you and your family’s life and He will open the Red Sea in a way that you will walk through on dry ground that you never ever imagined. You will not even need a staff to open up the see, because if you look at the Holy of Holies, it rests in the ark of covenant. The bread, the two tables of law, the staff of Aaron. On top is the 2 wings of our Heavenly Father and the cherub that means that He has overcome everything. 

Jesus is crying out, “Just look in My face and allow me to do that!” 

Today is the day that acceleration starts. They prepare for months for that moment to go with the rocket into the air. The Lord has prepared 2000 years and it is now the moment that He wants to send the rocket into the air. 

There is a releasing of angels. You are going to see angels in your room, wherever you go. You will see a silhouette of an angel in the corner because there is some mandate that God is giving to you right now and He is sending with you right now. You are going with a mandate out of here. 

I just hear, “Wow! Wow!”

 Let your people be prepared for when You bring Your ark into their midst, Your presence into their midst. Everything is going to change when they put their focus on You, put You in the center of everything. 

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