It is a season where God is going to bless you abundantly. For too long we walked with a hidden disbelief and a poverty mentality. Today is about activating that faith again in your life, because we cannot enter the fulness of God without this level of faith. 

Hebrews 11:1 (NKJV)

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith is what you see, but it doesn’t yet manifest in the natural, but you speak as if it is already there. You live accordingly. Faith is a gift from God, it is one of the 9 gifts. The Word of God is telling us that if you need faith, just ask and the Lord will give it to you. 

So, we pray this morning that the Lord will give each and everybody a special measure of faith that you can handle accordingly. 

I believe if you see something in the spirit, it is so easy to live accordingly to what you saw. 

I see a new building. I see that God is going to bless The Well with a new building. I see it is going to be a place of rest, of the love of God and breakthrough. This is the season the promises of God is coming into fulfillment in your life.

Barbara prophesied seven years from the date we did the broadcast, total blessing, undeserved favour, unmerited favour. Stuff that you don’t deserve at all, stuff that you didn’t work for, the Lord will pour into your lap. I believe it is the 7 years of test as well, because whenever the Lord gives you, there is always a test involved as well. 

Parable of talents: do not bury the 1 talent but use it. If you have 2 and you are faithful, then the Lord will entrust you with 2 more and 5 more. 

I believe the Lord wants to take us back to the basics. It is absolutely foundational that we allow the Holy Spirit to remind us of faith and to allow Him to put that level of faith in us. 

I see this morning that the Lord wants to take His people back into the foundation. The foundation is built by the apostles and prophets. I believe it is the time that the Lord wants to use the apostles and prophets to remind us as His people of one of the foundation-stones, and that is faith. We are so used to say that we believe, but when it comes down to it, we forget what the Lord showed us. 

This is my 30th year of ministry, and one of the first dreams the Lord gave me, was the building. With the four pillars in front. It was a huge table with all the architectural plans. He walked with me from table to table. I knew it was the blueprint in how He wants to use us in building His kingdom. As I looked back, I saw the building behind me, and it had these beautiful pillars. The Lord has found as faithful, and now again this morning we are livestreaming from our computer. 

For me, when I see it in the spirit, it is done. In the heavenly places it’s been written in books. It happened already in heavenly places; it is just for the Lord’s timing for it to manifest on the earth. 

That hope is when you see something = faith. 

Assurance = it is there, it is guaranteed. The occurrence is guaranteed. A promise from the tree of life is planted in a firm foundation and your actions is what plants that promise into the truth. When you walk out as if it already happened. 

February = a very strategic month as to faith, as to obedience. Do not try to build your own Kingdom. Keep the heavens open over you. 

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