Four issues that hinder correct interpretation

Four issues enemy use to hinder correct interpretation and hinders you from receiving real word that God has for us:

  1. Opinion

We all have an own opinion, and it is actually equivalent of judgment. In other words, when your opinion is, “That person looked at me in that certain way. Why is he doing this?” Immediately you can put it in a category of judgment. The moment you judge, you will be judged, and your measure will be filled up for you. 

Why do I say this? Because if you prophesy to somebody and they look at you with an opinion in their own hearts, immediately the same word that has come from the heart of the Father, became a word of judgment to that person. Because there is judgment in their heart, they will receive the blessing as a judgment, and it will turn around to be actually a judgment on that person. 

  • Offenses, bitterness

That is actually unforgiveness. Offense is not given, it is taken. It is absolutely linked with unforgiveness. The moment you feel something has happened or somebody said something or did something, they made an appointment with you which they cancelled and now you are feeling rejected. That is offenses. So, immediately you are feeling bitter against that person. Bitterness leads from unforgiveness and then it leads to a jezebel spirit. 

If you feel any offenses. Maybe somebody did something and it just hurt you a little bit, but actually that hurt is an offense. Just immediately go to a place where you ask the Lord for forgiveness. Nobody else needs to know, just ask for forgiveness so that when that person maybe prophesy in your life, or somebody else prophesy into that circumstance that you can receive the word with the blessing that it is.

Because it is easy to miss out on a prophetic word of God because of a simple seed of offenses that the enemy has put within your heart. 

  • Sin, bondage, rebellion

Rebellion is not just rebellion. It grows. It is like this weed, it started out with a little bit of offense, it started out with a little bit of unforgiveness and suddenly you find yourself in a place of bitterness. When there is bitterness, it always goes with lies. I do not know why, but bitterness = lies. Then you start to lie to yourself, because you are not the one that is in rebellion. Everybody else around you are in rebellion. 

Lust for self, lust so that self can be promoted, that self can be in the limelight. 

It is not worth it. If you are in that bondage where you feel, “why do you need to submit, why can’t you be in the limelight, why do you always need to be in the background?” Just remembers that the Lord said that those who are first will be last, those who are last, will be first. 

That is actually sin that can hinder your prophetic word from coming into fulfillment. 

  • Carnal judgment

It is in the way that you look at people with criticism. This is in a way that you talk to people. When the Lord open up our spiritual eyes, it is so easy to see all the demonic activity, it is so easy, even before you were born again to see what is wrong in people’s lives, but it is not so easy to see the gold in people’s lives. 

Something that is coming to me almost a month now, is to pray against gossip. Where 2 people going into agreement about other leaders in the body of Christ and they agree how they should handle the leaders of God. First of all, the Lord hates gossip. It is one of the seven things that He absolutely hates. Then to make it even stronger, 2 strong leaders come into agreement about other leaders and agree how they will work with those leaders. You are an open target for God’s judgment. The Lord is protecting His leaders and if He called a leader to be in a place, you better dare not go into rebellion regarding those leaders.

This morning I was speaking to the people who receive the word. But if your heart is in the right place and you take away all the filters, not making you perfect, just the filters. So that the seed of God can come into your heart and bear a 100-fold fruit. 

How much more can God use His prophets and prophetic people to sow that seed in your heart. Everybody wants a prophetic word, but not everybody wants a 100-fold harvest of that word. 

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